do you believe in magic?

I don’t. I’d like to think I don’t and I’m much more scientific than a person who believes in magic. But if I don’t believe in magic, not literally spells, but the magic of things coming together, of things falling into place, at times almost miraculously, then how does one chug on? Life isn’t always the nicest. It’s not very fair. And can persist in bashing  you in the face often. And, most often, we as individuals, do it great disservice. Like I don’t work hard enough, then cry that I don’t get opportunities. But at times, you just need it all to fall into place. and I call that magic. The jigsaw puzzle that after a point just completes itself.

It is rather ironic that while I might not believe in ‘magic’, I love reading stories about magic and fantasy. It is a world I would love to inhabit, but maybe aware that such a world just might not exist! Is it the rational part of me without letting myself feel the powers? Is magic but another name for spirituality?

But what about you, do you believe in magic?


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