they worked in the same office. it had been a whole month since they went their own way, he looked for another job, but the economy was in a slump. he came up to her table today, to borrow a stapler. she was the organised one, her life always organised in neat little boxes. he could never match her.

she wasn’t at her desk. he found the stapler, used it. as he kept it back the courier delivery boy came up to the desk, with a large bouquet. the delivery boy asked, will you sign for her? he stared, then turned away and walked back to his desk.

hours later she came back from her meeting. the large bouquet of geraniums was on her desk. she picked up the tiny card on it, turned it around, and read the message from her father. he always liked to send flowers on 8th october, the day her dog was born. it had been years since they lost him, but 8th october was special.


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